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Last updateWed, 08 Aug 2018 12pm

Assure 360 – 21st century health & safety tool for the construction industry

Britain’s record as one of the best in the world when it comes to health and safety is hard earned. It’s no coincidence that, according to the HSE, in the year ending March 2017 deaths in the construction industry were at an all-time low, with only 30 recorded fatalities. Maintaining an enviable H&S record requires all those involved in the construction industry to ensure innovation is at the heart of their business.

The new Assure360 app is a powerful tool that brings H&S innovation into the 21st Century by providing a complete package that will transform H&S within construction businesses, including detailed real-time auditing and recording across all areas of safety management.

Assure360 isn’t a dumb auditing tool or ‘smart form’ it is a real industry first – innovative software backed by a powerful and secure database that enables those in the construction industry to collect H&S findings on site and record them on the intuitive and simple to use app. Findings are then analysed by the cloud database and actions automatically flow to the managers that can make the most impactful changes. The sophisticated workflow lets users track close out, so nothing gets forgotten. The dashboard presents the most important information so users can prioritise and identify what matters most.

Andrew Le Marie, Group Head of H&S at Breyer group says:

“Assure360 allows us to quickly and easily audit sites along with report, track and investigate H&S incidents. The cloud database lays all the information I need to do my job on a plate. I can instantly understand what our findings are telling us. Reporting to the board is no longer something I have to take weeks to prepare for - everything is at the touch of a button. What is even better is that the system is so easy to use, it is no longer me and my team that ‘do H&S’ - all the contracts managers and directors participate.

“Assure360 allows me to do my job - manage H&S and improve the safety culture of the company.”

With real-time access via the cloud the Assure360 suite of tools means everyone involved in a project can access current data and reports anywhere and at any time, wherever there is internet access.

Assure360 helps on-site safety management through analysis of both what companies do well and, crucially, their mistakes. It supports learning and records actions taken so that H&S can continue to improve. The advanced competence scheme makes it easy to measure and analyse staff and contractor competence levels, providing comprehensive reports to identify training needs and tackle gaps in employee skills.

 Nick Garland, Founder of Assure360 says:

 “Assure360 stops auditing from becomes something to ‘get through’ in order that compliance can be reported to the board and makes it a route to improvement. It makes everyone on site a health and safety manager - its intuitive design is accessible to the novice, and allows experienced auditors to focus on their radar recording key issues.

With Assure360, it’s no longer just the H&S manager who ‘does H&S’. It strengthens the whole company’s safety culture. All of this will help construction businesses to protect their staff and contractors when on site and to identify areas of risk.”

Britain is certainly one of the best countries in the world when it comes to H&S but Assure360 can help construction businesses make it even better.