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Last updateThu, 17 Jan 2019 4pm

GDPR and CCTV – preparing your construction business

As of next month, the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into force, changing the way personal data is handled and stored, and therefore strengthening compliance requirements for all EU businesses. 

With hefty fines of up to 20 million euros for non-compliance, it’s time to wake up to the new challenges of data protection and start taking GDPR seriously. 


Most smart construction companies will be using some form of CCTV to secure their sites, to monitor employees and for health and safety purposes. However, under the new GDPR rules, the footage/images captured by your surveillance camera is classified as ‘personal data’, meaning construction site owners and CCTV operators must be aware of the rules and take active steps to comply with them. 

How to inform people

Under GDPR, transparency is a major factor. This means that if your construction site operates a CCTV surveillance system of any kind which is capturing personal data, you are required to let people know of its presence and that there is a likelihood of them being caught by it. 

The best way to inform people is to ensure that there is a clear, unambiguous sign which states that footage is being captured by CCTV. This needs to be placed in a prominent location within the footage area. It is also a good idea to provide a number for people to call in case they want more information on how their personal data is being handled.

Construction site CCTV top tips

  • Signage should be clear, visible, prominent and in easily understandable plain English.
  • Ensure details of the purpose of the CCTV’s operation are and your business details are present, including contact number.
  • The size of the sign needs to be appropriate for the context. For example, if a sign needs to be visible from a distance, it should be bigger.
  • All construction site staff who operate or handle the CCTV should be aware of who to contact in the event of an enquiry from a data subject regarding the CCTV operation.
  • If your CCTV camera also catches footage of passers-by, off-site, then the signage needs to be placed outside the construction site too. This ensures full compliance and prevents data breaches under GDPR.

The new regulations will certainly create challenges for all European businesses, but they should not deter your construction company from continuing to protect itself and its employees by operating surveillance systems. Instead, positive steps should be taken right away to comply with the new standards, so that you are protecting your business and demonstrating fair and proper reasons for capturing people’s personal data.

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