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Last updateWed, 24 Apr 2019 12pm

CIAT launches POWERCIAT range of chillers

The range offers a variety of cooling solutions in 18 different sizes and three different efficiencies with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) up to 4.5 and Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio (SEPR) up to 6.3. POWERCIAT also complies with the latest European Ecodesign regulations. CIAT designs, manufactures and supplies heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) global systems solutions that optimise energy consumption and enhance indoor air quality and comfort in buildings. CIAT is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

“The new POWERCIAT range is designed to offer maximum energy efficiency of either comfort cooling or process cooling applications,” said Eric Pollet, product manager, HVAC Europe, CIAT. “Three different levels of efficiency are available for various needs of the customer including standard, high-efficiency and premium version.”

The new POWERCIAT range offers three efficiency versions that comply with the new 2018 European Ecodesign requirements:

  • Standard version equipped with fixed-speed screw compressor and fixed-speed fans. With a high full-load energy efficiency, this version is optimised to meet the process cooling requirements, reaching a level of SEPR up to 5.7.
  • High-efficiency (HE) version equipped with fixed-speed screw compressor and variable-speed AC fans. Attaining a seasonal energy efficiency SEER up to 4.4 and SEPR up to 6.2, it offers an economical solution for process cooling and comfort cooling applications.
  • Premium version (XE) equipped with fixed speed screw compressor and EC fans technology. This version provides cost-effective operations, reaching a level of SEER up to 4.5 and SEPR up to 6.3, aimed at process cooling and comfort cooling applications.

The POWERCIAT range is equipped in standard with the latest generation of low-noise fans. Variable-speed fans, standard equipment on HE and XE versions, adapt to the air flow of the unit and eliminate start-stop noise during part-load operation. For more acoustic comfort, three additional solutions can be offered for noise sensitive environments, reaching as far as -12 dB(A) with the super low noise version.

With an extended operating outdoor temperature range from -20°C to 55°C, POWERCIAT is adaptable to many climates. It meets the needs of the tertiary and industrial sectors, providing an extended chilled water outlet temperature range of -15°C (with low-brine option) to 15°C. Thanks to an integrated hydraulic available on six sizes, POWERCIAT provides an all-in-one solution that allows the units to be installed quickly, keep space requirements to a minimum and increase the reliability of the installation. The hydraulic module can be equipped with a large selection of pumps high or low pressure - single or twin pumps-, allowing automatic switchover to the emergency pump for increased safety. Lastly, with a total heat recovery option available on 13 sizes, heat can be reclaimed by the unit for use in hot water production. The recovery of the total heating capacity supplied by the chiller enables the unit to produce free additional hot water up to 60°C. This option can be particularly beneficial for applications requiring a large quantity of heat recovery, such as hotels and industrial applications.

POWERCIAT comes equipped with the CIATm2m advanced monitoring solution allowing users to track and monitor their CIAT equipment at all times. CIATm2m enables customers to receive real-time alerts and access any product information through the website.

To learn more about the new POWERCIAT, visit the CIAT website.