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Last updateFri, 21 Jun 2019 11am

Focus on copper rainwater systems

Rainclear Systems, the UK’s leading stockist and online retailer of metal rainwater systems, are suggesting that you take a look at Copper for your rainwater system.

Copper is often overlooked or not even considered as a rainwater system, this is in part is due to the fact that the use of Copper as a rainwater system in the UK has been fairly low. Copper has been more widely used in other countries and has a proven track record of longevity - almost the most durable of all materials. Even in harsh marine environments and with aggressive run off from wood shingles copper performs incredibly well.  Copper is not only durable but offers a stunning aesthetic choice which cannot be matched by other materials.

Cost is obviously a considerable factor in choosing a rainwater system and guttering is often way down the priority list when it comes to the allocation of build cost. Also, because the rainwater installation often comes at the end of the project, when budget pressures are most prevalent, the original allocation often ends up depleted. However, as more and more consumers become increasingly aware of the issues around plastic and is effect on the environment, consumers are waking up to the alternative options and looking at the long-term performance of their build and the impact on the environment. The environmental impact goes much further than the material. Replacing your guttering frequently uses many other resources, including scaffolding, finite skilled labour, transport, waste skips and landfill which all cost money and have significant impact on the environment.

Why Copper for Rainwater?

Stand out from the crowd while fitting in perfectly with nature with the addition of an eco-friendly 100% recyclable copper rainwater management system:

  • Recyclable – Much of the copper in guttering is made from recycled copper
  • Energy efficient & sustainable - Being 100% recyclable, to date only 12% of the current known reserves have ever been mined, and with 90% of copper scrap being reused
  • Safe - Because it is a totally natural product -  It is the perfect complement for structures built with other natural products, such has Larch or Cedar cladding, which also change colour over the years (N.B. Iron and steel are much more susceptible to the corrosive influence of wood than Copper)
  • Antimicrobial - works as a natural biocide purifying the water to stop the build-up of algae, making it the perfect partner for your rainwater harvesting system (although harvesting for drinking water is not advised)
  • Virtually maintenance-free other than periodic cleaning out of debris – meaning Copper gutters and downpipes are suitable for both residential and civic buildings (where the H&S of maintenance staff can be an issue)
  • Long-lasting – in excess of 100years - resistant to corrosion in any environment - build for generations to come
  • Any competent DIY enthusiast or contractor can install them with no specialist tools required

The clever design makes installation simple - the innovative Infinity Copper rainwater system includes:

  • Push-fit stop-ends – so no need to solder the end of a run of guttering
  • Gutter Union/Connector with EPMD rubber seal – so no brazing, soldering or messy silicone sealant here either
  • Wraparound outlets – so no brazing or soldering where the gutter meets the downpipe
  • Downpipes and bends have swaged necks, so slot together simply, allowing quick install without the requirement for glue or solder
  • Stainless steel nails and screws can be used as they sit right beside copper on the galvanic scale
  • 3m gutter lengths and 1, 2 or 3m downpipe lengths makes for swift installation.

What Protects Copper? Oxidisation!

The initially bright finish will weather from a high sheen through a deeper reddish-brown, which gives it a ‘rustic’ look, to verdigris green. This characteristic of copper to patinate to a beautiful verdigris actually creates a protective layer over the metal beneath, reducing the speed of corrosion through the metal so much that copper can last 50-100 years even in proximity to the sea.

What is a Copper rainwater system likely to cost? 

With the current offer of 40% Off Copper currently available on the Rainclear website a 3-4 bedroomed detached house could cost:

For example

Copper gutter @3m lengths  CP100HRG  24 
External corners CP10090E 
Fascia gutter brackets CP100HRFB 65 
Running outlets CP100HRO1  10 
Stopends  CP100HRE1  15 
Downpipes @3m lengths  CP80RDP  12 
Downpipe bends 90 degrees  CP80B90 
Downpipe junctions  CP80J  1
Downpipe bends 70 degrees  CP80B70 
Hopper head  CP80HO1 
Downpipe shoes  CP80SH 

“I must say I was quite nervous spending close to 4K on a product sight unseen, but this is clearly a very high-quality product and can’t wait until it’s installed... The components are solid and beautifully manufactured. 

Top notch. I have also been impressed by the follow up calls... It’s been a pleasure dealing with your company.

Thank you, Roy”


Visit for all your metal roofline, rainwater and drainage requirements or, for advice on finding a local installer and more information about the Infinity Copper Rainwater System, get in touch with the team at Rainclear on 0800 644 44 26 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..