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Last updateMon, 21 Sep 2020 2pm

The benefits of using aluminium in construction

Aluminium is a widely accessible material used in building and construction and is now the second most popular used metal in buildings next to steel. The properties of aluminium make it ideal to be used in many construction projects due to its ductility, lightweight feel and corrosion-resistant surface. Here we will explore the benefits of using this robust material in construction projects.


Not only is it versatile, but aluminium is one of the most energy efficient and sustainable materials we can use to build today. In fact, using aluminium in a building project will help it qualify for green building status under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. In addition, aluminium is a great insulator, reducing the need to use electric or gas heating, while allowing fresh air in. The strength of the alloys can also easily support solar panels to offer a more sustainable way of providing power to the building.

Increases home security in windows and doors

Aluminium can be used in almost any style of window or door, and with incomparable strength and a lifespan that last decades, it’s a great choice for homeowners to invest in when choosing their fixtures. Another appeal of aluminium in the home is the simple maintenance it requires when used to create windows and doors; a simple wipe down is all that’s needed for it to appear good as new. Whilst being durable, aluminium is fire-resistant which adds that extra element of protection to any internal or external fire threat to your home.

With a wide selection of doors and windows on the market; narrow your search by ensuring that aluminium is used, which in turn will reduce the amount of styles to choose from that are suitable. Modern styles such as sliding patio doors and sash windows from Quickslide are guaranteed to give your home a sophisticated yet classic feel.

Strength in roofing and structures

When using aluminium in roofing, you’re guaranteed that the finished product will last the years you’re in your home. However, this material is more commonly used for larger buildings due to modern aluminium alloys supporting the weight of heavy glass with ease, which in turn maximises natural sunlight in your finished project, making the space appear bigger. 

Structures with moving sections, such as bridges, benefit from aluminium as it bonds with other elements easily. The high strength to weight ratio also allows the largest construction projects to benefit from this light material making the build smooth with maximum support for weight on top of the structure, such as cars on a bridge. Large structures benefit from aluminium because its strength also allows the structure to stay perfectly intact throughout the most extreme weather and temperature.

When undertaking a construction project, be sure to invest in quality by choosing the materials for a strong, resilient building.

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