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Last updateWed, 03 Mar 2021 10am

PASMA responds to tower fall prosecution

Roger Verallo, PASMA Chairman and Managing Director of Euro Towers commented: “This case highlights the importance of training for all those who assemble, dismantle, inspect or move tower scaffolds. Just look what can go wrong when it’s done incorrectly. Anyone who has completed a PASMA course knows that guardrails and outriggers, or stabilisers, are absolutely essential for fall prevention and stability.

“And PASMA training isn’t just for operatives. There’s a new course – Towers for Managers – aimed at those who supervise work on towers. It helps them gain and demonstrate the competence required by the Work at Height Regulations. Afterwards, they know what good practice looks like and can be more proactive at preventing falls. As this accident reminds us, even falls from low heights can inflict life-changing injuries.

“Every day PASMA and its members work towards a world where an accident like this isn’t such a familiar story.”

No Falls Foundation is a charity dedicated to supporting people who've been affected by the consequences of a fall. If you find yourself in this situation, please download a support pack.