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Last updateWed, 14 Apr 2021 3pm

Keeping up with modern methods of paving

New guidance from Interpave has just been published on the detailed design and installation of modular concrete paving, covering block paving, flags and kerbs, including the growing use of efficient, fully mechanised site processes. It follows separate guidelines and a new Interpave CPD webinar presented by sustainable drainage specialist Bob Bray on the latest developments in concrete block permeable paving for SuDS.

Concrete block and flag paving offers proven long-term performance, durability and minimal maintenance for projects ranging from container terminals to domestic driveways. Factory-produced modular concrete units deliver fast, low cost installation with limited intervention work. Subsequently, layouts can easily be altered and units taken up and re-used, if needed to meet changing needs – particularly important with today’s post-pandemic demands. 

Precast concrete paving offers endless variety with distinct modular units and designed variations in colour, texture and shape, giving visual interest and a human scale not possible with formless materials. Despite this huge choice, modular concrete paved surfaces give consistent frictional characteristics and joint widths ensuring safety and ease of use by the whole community. 

Mechanised Techniques

Whether conventional or permeable, concrete block paving is particularly suited to well-established mechanised installation techniques. The same concept can also be applied to other precast concrete paving products to improve safety as well as efficiency. Another area where safety measures offer cost and efficiency benefits is the elimination of cutting concrete paving products – either by careful design or by utilising safer cutting practices and equipment. All these issues are addressed by Interpave’s new detailed design and installation guide. 

The technology’s potential is expanded further with concrete block permeable paving which, following more than 25 years extensive use, has demonstrated unique capabilities as a multifunctional SuDS technology. It combines a structural pavement with water conveyance, attenuation and storage, together with pollution treatment to provide a gradual supply of clean water for amenity and biodiversity – all with no additional land take. This technology eliminates pipework, gulleys and manholes, and should therefore cost less than conventional drainage and paving. 

New CPD Webinar 

A new, 30-minute CPD webinar video explores how straightforward flow controls with permeable paving can optimise and expand these capabilities, with techniques including water storage in paving compartments deployed around a site to avoid additional land-take. The webinar is supported by the latest edition of ‘Understanding Permeable Paving and SuDS’, an essential introductory guide to all aspects of concrete block permeable paving for SuDS – and much more.

To find out more about modular concrete paving, view the CPD webinar and download the latest guides visit: