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Last updateMon, 12 Nov 2018 2pm

Mick George FD’s 54-mile bike ride for charity

Having conquered the wilds and exotic of the Costa Rican Jungle in 2017, Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd found himself in slightly less desirable surroundings this weekend in his latest efforts to raise further charitable funds for the Lewis Moody Foundation.

The setting for this year’s encounter predominantly included the A22 highway, as Jon embarked on a daunting 54-mile hike between South London and Brighton sea front, in a mass-participation bike ride. Completing the challenge in just over 5-hours (including breaks), Jon and his fellow riders should be commended for their achievements.

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What will be the impact of BREXIT on the UK Construction Industry?

Some considerations by Prof. Dr. Michael Benfield of Benfield ATT Group.

Brexit is More than Brexit

Resisting the temptation to consider the impact that leaving the EU will have on Construction as a single event, this paper approaches this question more holistically. In part it regards historical background, recent trends, emerging technologies, social structures, emerging nations and international business as being just as important for the event as Brexit itself. Setting these as the context in which Brexit needs to be considered, it examines some of the pros and cons which emerge and poses tantalising prospective outcomes, before finally postulating that Brexit could be ‘Just what the Doctor ordered’ for the future of Construction.

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Mclennan supply single axis motion system for LiDAR mapping

3D Laser Mapping Ltd is a high technology design, manufacturing and consulting company, based in Nottingham-UK. Its LiDAR scanning hardware and data analysis systems are used for mapping large structures - capturing, processing and providing three dimensional information for surveying tasks such as buildings, road networks and railways as well as creating digital terrain and elevation models of specific landscapes. Amongst a comprehensive range of products and systems targeting these quite diverse areas, 3D Laser Mapping’s PROCESSMONITOR LIVE software and 3DLM-SR-50 laser scanner package is aimed at dimensional modelling in particularly harsh environments such as underground construction projects, bridge and structural repairs and sprayed concrete measurement. To ensure the angular positioning precision and optimum reliability required for the laser scanner hardware, 3D Laser Mapping has chosen Mclennan as a supply and support partner for a Modbus over Ethernet-enabled intelligent microstepping drive and planetary gear unit with absolute encoder feedback.

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Hugely worrying!

Liberal Democrats leader Sir Vince Cable has described this year’s Construction News CN100 findings as “hugely worrying”.

The data revealed average pre-tax margins across the 10 largest UK contractors had fallen to -0.9 per cent (down from -0.5 per cent in last year’s analysis), whilst total debt at the 10 biggest companies had also increased by 24 per cent to £3.92bn compared with the firm’s previous financial years.

Sir Vince said that “Construction is the bellwether of the economy, so the huge debt burden and non-existent margins are hugely worrying, particularly if interest rates increase further,” and “they are signals of the economic uncertainty caused by chaotic Brexit negotiations.”

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Mick George Ltd tackle drought damaged Cambridgeshire roads

An initiative which started late last year to repair more than 40 miles of drought damaged roads in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough will enter its final stages this month, with multiple locations set for improvements.

Having completed many of the routes, especially within the Peterborough area, attention has now switched to finishing the remaining routes in Cambridgeshire, with local business Mick George Ltd permitting enabling at six separate locations on behalf of the principal contractor, Skanska.

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