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Protect your heritage site with construction security services

Many heritage buildings across the world are targeted by thieves on a daily basis, with the aim of stealing the valuable artefacts which lie within their walls.  It has been estimated that the amalgamated cost of this type of theft adds up to over £100 million every year in just the UK alone.  The ever increasing value of the leisure and tourism industry has also had an effect on the number of thefts taking place on this type of premises.  The risk of theft is particularly heightened in parts of the building that are easily accessible to the public which contain items such as sculptures, paintings and other artefacts which are of significant monetary value.

Before any reconstructive or building work takes place at a heritage site it’s highly recommended that a risk assessment is carried out by a fully qualified professional. Permanex Security offer a range of construction security services, and site surveying is just one of them. The process of having an assessor carry out an assessment of your site might sound somewhat intimidating, or in some cases unnecessary but it will highlight if your site has any security weaknesses and the various steps you can take to reduce them- such as investing in some electronic construction site security systems.

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Security beefed up; construction continues

The district administration heaved a huge sigh of relief as Friday witnessed no untoward incident at the ‘disputed’ construction site at Nagri. Construction continued peacefully, thanks to the beefed-up security.

After a tumultuous Thursday morning — that saw the act of breaching the under-construction wall of the proposed law university and filing of five named and 100 unnamed FIRs against the agitating villagers — security was tightened on Friday.

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John Reddington hires Channel Tunnel HSE inspector

Neil Murray, who was a senior construction officials within the Health and Safety Executive, takes overall responsibility for health and safety matters across the London-based construction group.

“Even in just a short time meeting the senior team and divisional leadership it is clear to me that this is a group with a great deal of energy and focus on doing the right thing,” said Mr Murray.

“There is a clear vision to Plan Safe, Work Safe across the group and my role is to help deliver that vision by making sure a common way of working is applied consistently.”

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‘Provide security, continue construction’

Hearing a petition on the Nagri issue, the Jharkhand High Court on Wednesday directed the Jharkhand Government to provide tight security at Nagri so that construction could be continued at the site.

The order said that the Government could even take help from the para military forces like CRPF and CISF for providing security at the site.

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Modern Site Security Can Save Construction Companies Thousands

With an eventful summer now behind us, it appears that the construction sector is going through a phase of site security project assessments and contract renewals. Permanex CCS Group has never been busier, drafting site security proposals and signing up new projects.

"We've found that when the current economic downturn hit construction companies, a number either simply did nothing about site security or looked to deploy simple CCTV solutions in a bid to cut costs," explained David Fox, senior consultant with Permanex CCS Group. "They are now coming to realise that an effective solution can be extremely cost effective but that it has to be appropriately designed, correctly installed and constantly monitored if it is to have the desired impact; and are turning to us as a major supplier of site and scaffolding monitoring solutions to instigate a cost effective package."

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