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Last updateFri, 20 Oct 2017 3pm


BaseStone gathers pace with launch of new app

BaseStone, a tech startup from East London’s Tech City, has launched its web and tablet app to the construction market, following successful trials on Crossrail and High Speed 2 (HS2).

BaseStone aims to solve an industry-wide problem: that of lost data leading to abortive work on construction projects. Large enterprises and SMEs share many drawings and documents throughout the lifecycle of a construction project and BaseStone makes this task simpler.

It enables people to share, snag, inspect, review and attach documents to drawings online. Unlike traditional software for construction, everything is automatically saved to the cloud. That way everyone has access to the latest versions, all commentary can be aggregated in real time, and users can track issues raised throughout a project.

In line with government targets for 2025, to reduce the cost of construction projects by 33% and time taken to completion by 50%, the app aims to increase efficiency and save money.

Trialling on such massive construction projects as HS2 and Crossrail is unusual for a 5 person startup but according to Alex Siljanovski, CEO and Founder of BaseStone: “Originally we only targeted SMEs [small and medium enterprises] to trial our offering, until we discovered that the larger the company was, the larger the problem we solve.”

BaseStone is currently live with major construction companies, Costain and Skanska on the £16bn Crossrail project, who are using it to red line drawings, snag installations and run safety inspections on site.

It is proving just as popular amongst SMEs with hundreds of users and dozens of companies across the UK having tested it. According to Thornton Reynolds, an SME customer: "BaseStone has proved to be an invaluable tool to allow us to distribute design information, with the iPad tech interface being really useful to review ‎drawings".

BaseStone aims to transform how data is captured and dealt with in construction. Alex Siljanovski commented: “The opportunity to take data from an environment as rich as construction and turn it into usable information is immense, and is being driven by the UK’s development of new BIM standards. What we have tried to do is create a tool that solves an industry wide problem at a price that is affordable to the smallest contractor and a product that is scalable to largest projects.”

When asked what the greatest learning he has had to date in his journey, he continued, “it is the encouragement and feedback we have received from the industry itself. The transparent pricing, the software as a service model and the desire to change the industry for the better has all been greatly received. We need as much feedback as possible from the industry. At the end of the day, we want to build not just a tool that the industry needs, but one that it deserves and has helped shape.”

You can find out more about BaseStone and sign up for your free trial [here]: